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I believe nothing in life is wasted; all our experiences become grist for our art. Without them, we would have little that is authentic and personal — and thereby beautiful — to say. Almost 30 years ago, with competing work schedules and overseas assignments, I exhibited in my last one-person show and basically put away my art supplies.  Following 27+ household moves within the US, Europe and the Middle East, trying to carve out a little creative expression in different countries on different continents, I’m thrilled with my newly-built light-filled studio in the Virginia treetops.  Now I’m re-disciplining myself as a full-time studio artist, combining what I’d learned before (including as a President’s Fellow at RISD), what I’ve seen since, and what is new today as I craft my return to abstract painting.  I crave both intellectual and emotional responses in my work, using energizing line, expressive color, and a mix of materials to build abstract complexity while trying to keep the passion direct and comprehensible.

Earlier works in private and public collections.  For current work, please enquire.