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merry christmas & happy new year

Wishing you a wonderful holiday and peace and joy in the new year!View full post »

house doodling class

Omigosh!  After two months of struggling with a crashed computer (new hard drive, new parts, restoring documents, photos, etc) whileView full post »

goodbye summer days

Are you, like me, sad to say goodbye to those warm, sunny, lazy summer days?  On my calendar, they definitely sped by too fast!!  I madeView full post »

doodling on the go

It’s been such a busy lovely summer!  A couple trips to Europe, a long weekend in CA, family visits, some house repairs, lots ofView full post »

under the toulouse sun

Although I’ve enjoyed my stay in Brussels, this morning I happily left its cool, grey and often rainy days in June to fly toView full post »

brave new journal

           (Pitt pens, watercolor pencils, vintage pattern & labels, dotted masking tape) Late this afternoon I had just enough timeView full post »

have faith in yourself

In my Doodling Ink class at Rachel’s Handmade U in Omaha this past weekend, we played a card game that acted as a doodlingView full post »

off to doodle in omaha

Time to finish packing for my “Doodle Ink” class at Handmade U in Omaha this weekend. I’m excited and more than aView full post »

doodling and sea-gazing on st maarten

Slowly but surely, I’m squeezing a little doodling for my April class at Rachel’s Handmade U in between the necessary hoursView full post »

round robin journal pages

Down to last-minute packing for my winter visit with my middle son’s family in St Maarten. While there, I hope to share more photosView full post »

doodling class in april

. I know, it’s a tough life … lately I’ve been spending more and more time just doodling! But really, I do have a goodView full post »

rest, recover, resume

–Spanish proverb. Do you, like me, occasionally need a reminder to sit still for a few minutes so you can settle your heart andView full post »